Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could find a machine that would grind coffee beans then brew them to perfection? Luckily, today you can find high-quality coffee makers that can do this job so you don’t have to spend money on a separate grinder.

While buying pre-ground coffee is easy and convenient, it limits your options as a real coffee lover. Nothing beats the quality, aroma, and strength of the flavor that you can get from freshly ground coffee beans that you’ve personally picked.

In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about buying the best coffee maker with a grinder. We’ll also review some of the best products on the market to make your job easier.

Why Do You Need to Buy the Best Coffee Maker With Grinder?

There hundreds of coffee makers on the market. Among the best types are those with built-in grinders. Here are some reasons that make those machines with built-in grinders more preferable than others.

  • First of all, they are space savers. You won’t have to store your grinder on the counter as it will take more space.

Although coffee makers with built-in grinders are usually bulkier than regular ones, it is still one machine vs. two machines if you are using a separate grinder. This is an excellent choice for small kitchens.

  • You will always find your grinder installed inside your machine so you will save time trying to find it on the counters and in drawers. In a busy household, this will be a big plus.
  • Every machine comes with its own grinder. You will skip the problem of buying a grinder and then return home to the sad surprise that the ground coffee is not compatible with your machine and not giving you the best result you are looking for. You’ll be sure that you can enjoy delicious coffee every single time.
  • It is saving your time and money. You won’t have to shop for a grinder and pay extra money.

It will be installed in your machine ready for use. Of course, this is more convenient and hassle-free.

There are tons of grinders on the market and it can take you a long time to choose your optimal grinder. If you’re busy all the time, then having a machine that can do both is s big plus.

  • You are saving your money in the long run. If you are investing in a high-end coffee maker with a built-in grinder, it will last for a very long time without the need to be replaced.
  • If the grinder breaks for any reason, you can replace it with a new one without having to replace the coffee maker.
  • These machines also have a wonderful feature because you can control the ground coffee size before every use. In espresso-making for example; the ground coffee size has a huge impact on the final result of your coffee.

This can take your coffee drinking experience to a whole new level. These machines usually allow you to control the coarseness of your coffee grounds very efficiently.

  • Most of those machines have an automatic shut-off feature. This can save your electricity consumption and will protect your machine in the long run.
  • Of course, we all enjoy the taste of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Now imagine indulging in the smell of freshly ground coffee at the same time. This can be achieved with the best all-in-one machine.
  • Those who are coffee experts know for sure that grinding the coffee immediately before brewing gives you the maximum flavor. It’s more convenient to do this in one machine in a way that is easier, quicker and more efficient.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Maker with Grinder

With the big variety of coffee makers with built-in grinders in the market, a lot of confusion can happen. You should first ask yourself a few questions and take their answers as a guideline that will help you choose your optimal machine. Here are a few things to think about before buying a coffee maker.

How Much Coffee Do You Need?

How many cups you need to prepare every time can be a challenge. Some machines can prepare up to 12 cups a time, while others have a limited capacity and prepare fewer cups.

Think about the number of your family members who enjoy drinking coffee or the people in your office who want to drink coffee every day. In most models, the brewing capacity is very variable. The machine doesn’t only allow you to prepare the maximum number of cups available. You can also prepare a single cup depending on your needs.

Programmability Features

Are you always in a hurry in the mornings? Some machines have programmable auto-start technology.

They come with LCD screens where you can set the time, water temperature and ground coffee size so that they start the process automatically in a preprogrammed time. This can give you a wonderful experience to wake up and find your delicious coffee ready for you in the strength you enjoy.


Do you like to invest in high-end products? There is a wide variety of coffee makers with wonderful features that can save your money in the long run. The machine parts are stainless steel that resists rust caused by water and vapors in the kitchen.


Some machines are designed so you can adjust the strength of the brew depending on your personal preferences. Some also have adjustable water temperatures to start your brew with.

Some models also allow you to choose either to enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee beans in your machine or you can opt for pre-ground coffee that can be more convenient to buy, especially if you’re in a hurry.


Your water source might affect your choice when you’re shopping for a coffee maker. Some coffee machines work only with specific types of water.

For example, some machines are not compatible with demineralized or distilled water. Some machines also have charcoal filters that help to purify your water while others don’t.

Some have permanent gold filters to give you the ultimate fresh flavor and the best coffee brew you will ever taste. These gold-tone filters are removable so they can be easily cleaned to improve the taste and extraction of your coffee.

Safety Features

Do you have an unstable electric current? You should choose a machine that is compatible with your country’s electricity current.

Most coffee makers have an additional safety feature that shuts off the machine completely once the brewing cycle is over. This will help you save on your electricity consumption and will protect the internal parts of the machine from overheating.

What Are the Types of Grinders Available?

There are two types of grinders available; burr grinders and blade grinders. Each of them works in a very different mechanism giving different results.

To choose one of them you should first understand how it works and what is the shape of the resulting ground coffee to decide which one will work better. The resulting coffee will differ in coarseness and consistency.

Burr Grinders

In this grinder, two abrasive surfaces called burr will revolve grinding the coffee beans in between. The resulting ground coffee is characterized by having uniform fine particles.

Those grinding surfaces are sometimes flat and sometimes conical. One of them is stationary and the other moves. According to the type of coffee you want you can choose from very coarse to fine ground coffee.

You must take in your consideration that very high-speed machines can give static to your ground coffee so they will stick easily to any surface. As a result, the cleaning process will be harder. Choosing low-speed burr grinders can solve this problem.

Blade Grinders

They don’t really grind but they smash coffee beans between two fast-moving blades. Of course, being smashed this way, your coffee grinds will not be uniform in size but they will vary from fine powder to big coarse particles.

This fine powder can be an issue if it clogs your machine. Blade grinders are cheaper than burr grinders. Nevertheless, most avid coffee lovers will opt for burr grinders that can be adjusted so you can enjoy the perfect size of coffee grounds depending on your personal taste.

Reviews of the Best Coffee Makers with Grinders

You don’t have to worry about grinding your coffee beans because the machine will do the job on your behalf. All you have to do is to switch it on and it will grind the beans and brew the freshly ground coffee so you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee whenever you like. Here are our top picks.

1.     KRUPS KM785D50 Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker with Builtin Burr Coffee Grinder

No need to buy a separate grinder because this machine will grind coffee beans right before they’re brewed for the richest flavor and aroma. It can be easily customized to grind from 2 to 10 cups and you can also choose between 5 different settings. You’ll enjoy extremely fine to coarse ground coffee that suits your preferences.

This machine allows you to pick between 3 different strength levels so you can enjoy mild, medium or extremely bold coffee on demand. You can program the machine to brew coffee while you’re sleeping so you can wake up to enjoy a fresh customized cup of coffee. Moreover, the coffee will stay warm for up to 2 hours after it’s brewed.

The coffee maker comes with a carafe that has a curved spout to prevent dripping. You can pause the machine while it’s still brewing to enjoy your coffee just the way you like it.

There’s a gold-tone filter that improves the taste of your coffee. It’s removable for easy cleaning. All the functions on the machine can be easily controlled thanks to the intuitive controls and the backlit LCD. Moreover, there’s a detailed user manual that will help you explore the full potential of this coffee maker.

You can’t store ground coffee for later use as the lid doesn’t close properly once the coffee is ground. You’ll have to keep it in a separate container. Cleaning the grinder is a bit difficult because the blade housing tends to collect dust and you need a small brush to clean it properly. You’ll need to buy a special brush for this purpose.

What We Like

  • Straightforward machine that can be used to grind and brew coffee.
  • Easy selection of the amount of coffee needed for 2 up to 10 cups.
  • 5 different grinding settings.
  • Removable gold-tone filter to improve the taste.
  • Intuitive controls allow you to customize your coffee.

What We Don’t Like

  • Cleaning the grinder isn’t easy.
  • You can’t store the ground coffee in the grinder.

2.     Secura Automatic Coffee Maker with Grinder

This all-in-one machine is suitable if you’re on a tight budget. You can choose pre-ground coffee or grind your coffee beans on demand to prepare the best cup of coffee. Switching between the two modes is quite easy.

It comes with a 24-programmability feature that you can activate to grind and brew coffee based on the time you select. This means that you’ll wake up to enjoy freshly ground and brewed coffee with a strong flavor and rich aroma.

The water carafe is easy to fill thanks to the convenient side access. You can also check the window for accurate filling. The 17-ounce reservoir is enough to prepare 2 cups of coffee.

You can pause the brewing cycle if you want to enjoy mid-brewed coffee. The machine will keep your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes before it completely shuts off to save the internal parts from damage.

Although this coffee maker has a built-in grinder, it’s compact compared to other models on the market. It will be a good choice for a smaller household where you don’t have to prepare a lot of coffee every day.

This is a basic machine that doesn’t allow you to select the temperature of your coffee or the coarseness of the coffee beans. It won’t suit a busy household or office where coffee will be served regularly.

What We Like

  • Compact machine at an affordable price.
  • Ability to switch between pre-ground coffee and coffee beans.
  • 24-hour programmability feature to grind and brew according to the time set.
  • Keeps your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes.
  • Suitable for a small kitchen.

What We Don’t Like

  • Basic machine that doesn’t offer a lot of options.
  • Provides only 2 cups of coffee at a time so it won’t suit a busy household or office.

3.     Barsetto Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Maker

Depending on your drink type and personal preferences, you can use this machine to grind coffee in 18 different grind sizes, in addition to more micro settings. Moreover, you can activate the grinding selector that grinds the optimum amount of coffee beans to suit 2 up to 10 cups so you can enjoy the best flavor every time.

Using this machine isn’t a problem even if you have no previous experience with coffee makers because the controls are intuitive and easy to understand. All the functions are clear on the backlit LCD to make your job easier.

You can activate the 24-hour programmability feature to brew coffee in advance so you can enjoy fresh coffee in the morning. This also guarantees that your coffee will stay hot until you’re ready to drink it so you can enjoy the best taste whenever you want to. Moreover, the machine can be programmed to keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours after it has been brewed.

There’s a gold-tone filter that improves the taste of your coffee and improves the extraction process. It’s also quite easy to clean. The machine has a large capacity so it can brew 10 cups of coffee in a single cycle. The glass carafe is dishwasher safe.

If you have low overhead cabinets, this machine might not fit as it’s quite tall compared to other countertop coffee machines. It comes with operation instructions but they might be a bit confusing.

What We Like

  • Versatile machine that suits a busy household or office.
  • Up to 18 different sizes of coffee grinds.
  • Large capacity to brew 10 cups of coffee at the same time.
  • The coffee maker will keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours after the brewing cycle is over.
  • Glass carafe is dishwasher safe.

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite tall so it might not fit if you have overhead cabinets.
  • The instructions are a bit confusing.

4.     10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Machine

You can specify the amount of coffee you want to grind and brew by selecting 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 cups. This guarantees that your coffee won’t be too weak or too strong if you’re not sure about the amount of coffee beans needed to prepare your perfect coffee.

If you don’t want to activate the grinder, you can opt for the pre-ground mode. This feature allows you to use pre-ground coffee that you’ve previously purchased. In both cases, you’ll enjoy excellent extraction that improves the taste and flavor of your fresh coffee.

The ground control can be adjusted to 8 different settings so you can pick the one that suits your taste. It will also play a big role in the quality and taste of your drink. You can also customize the strength of the flavor by choosing between a mild, medium, or a strong flavor depending on the type of beans you’re using and your personal taste.

Activate the timer mode to brew coffee at night so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the morning. There’s a bell that tells you that your coffee is ready and it will remain warm for 2 hours after it has been brewed.

You can store the ground coffee beans in the machine for up to 24 hours. This will save time the next time you want to serve coffee in your busy office or household. You can also enjoy your coffee before the brewing cycle is over because the machine will stop if you remove the pot from the tray.

This machine is rather slow so it will take more time than other models on the market. You should be careful while adding the coffee and water because if you add the maximum amount of water, your coffee will taste weak.

What We Like

  • Built-in grinder with a button that determines the amount of coffee needed.
  • Grinder can be switched off to use pre-ground coffee.
  • Ground coffee can be stored for up to 24 hours.
  • 8 different grinding settings.
  • Automatic 24-hour brewing function.

What We Don’t Like

  • Coffee might taste weak when you’re brewing 10 cups of coffee in a single cycle.
  • This machine is rather slow.

5.     Gevi Grind and Brew Coffee Maker 10 Cups

This is a smart machine that will brew coffee to perfection. When you choose to add coffee beans to suit 2 cups of coffee, the machine will only brew 2 cups of coffee regardless of the amount of water added. This guarantees that your coffee will never taste weak and will also save you the hassle of filling the water reservoir every time.

The water carafe is big enough to accommodate 10 cups of coffee. All of them can be brewed at the same time so it’s a good choice for a busy office or a large family that loves to enjoy coffee over breakfast.

With a built-in grinder, you can select the coarseness of your freshly ground coffee from coarse to fine. This will depend on your personal preferences and the type of beans you’ve chosen to prepare your customized cup of coffee.

You can activate the automatic timer to brew coffee overnight so you can enjoy the best drink in the morning. The machine will keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours after the brewing process is over. It will automatically shut off to protect the internal parts from damage.

When you take the pot away, the machine will stop dripping for 30 seconds. This way, you can enjoy coffee that hasn’t been fully brewed if you want to experience the new taste. All the functions are clear and easy to control thanks to the backlit LCD.

If you’re looking for a silent machine then this might not be the right one for you. It’s rather loud while it’s grinding and beeping that it might wake some people up. The machine drips rather slowly so it will take more time when you’re preparing a large amount of coffee.

What We Like

  • Smart machine that adjusts the amount of water to the coffee brewed.
  • Adjustable grinding settings.
  • Automatic timer so you can brew coffee overnight.
  • Keeps your coffee warm for up to 2 hours.
  • You can serve coffee before the brewing cycle is over.

What We Don’t Like

  • The machine is loud compared to other coffee makers.
  • It drips coffee slowly.


All the reputable manufacturers of home appliances are keen on providing consumers with the best machines that can make their lives easier. We chose the KRUPS KM785D50 Grind and Brew Auto-Start Maker with Builtin Burr Coffee Grinder as the best coffee maker with a grinder because it’s well-built and can be used to prepare up to 10 cups of coffee at the same time. You can also select between 5 different grinding settings to prepare your coffee just the way you like it.

You can also check out the other options on our list so you can find the right machine that suits your needs. All the suggestions on our list are made of high-quality materials and will provide you with excellent coffee that you can enjoy whenever you like.

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