Best Kona Coffee

Best Kona Coffee

If you’re a person who appreciates the heavenly taste of coffee, then you’d be thrilled to try Kona coffee.

Planted and harvested in the Hawaiian weather, these coffee beans are well-appreciated worldwide. Not only do people admire Kona coffee for its sweeter taste, but also because it’s less acidic than your usual brew.

We’ll be your guide to everything you need to know about this awesome coffee. Besides that, we’ll review some of the best Kona coffee brands.

What Is Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee is the commercial name for coffee beans that grow on the volcanic slopes of Hualalai, Hawaii. It’s a world-celebrated coffee, with a rich taste and mouth-watering aroma.

You might wonder why it’s so special and more expensive than most types of coffee. The reason is natural more than anything else.

Natural Factors that Make Kona Coffee Unique

There are many places in Hawaii that produce great coffee. But the Kona district is extra special when it comes to natural conditions.

Although this area stretches for only 30 miles along the shoreline, it was gifted with the perfect climate. It’s commonly known as the Kona Coffee Belt.

These natural factors include:

  • Rich, volcanic soil
  • Sunny mornings
  • Perfect temperatures
  • Occasional rain or showers

Why Coffee Lovers Prefer Kona Coffee

When it comes to taste, Kona coffee wins many awards. It has become popular among coffee addicts and occasional drinkers alike.

When you try this coffee you’ll probably taste a mixture of brown sugar, chocolate, and a touch of a fruity flavor.
All these sweet flavors, in addition to the rich coffee flavor, have made Kona coffee an instant favorite. Besides its desirable taste, it has a slightly syrupy body and a crisp feel to it.

Another thing to be admired about this coffee is how mild its taste can be. It’s less acidic than most coffees, and doesn’t have an overpowering taste. That’s why it’s a great choice for people who don’t like the usual strong taste of coffee.

We’re now pretty much convinced of how amazing Kona coffee is. But let’s dive deeper into its awesomeness and uncover its health benefits.

Kona Coffee Health Benefits

In general, coffee has many advantages when it comes to your health. Kona coffee is no different. So while you enjoy its wonderful taste, you should appreciate the following health benefits.

Helps Prevent Cancer

When you drink a cup of Kona coffee per day, you provide your body with enough antioxidants to help prevent cancer.

As many studies have claimed, antioxidants help prevent the radical damage that’s linked with cancer.

Increases Metabolism

Metabolism is key when it comes to keeping your body healthy. By boosting metabolism, the caffeine in Kona coffee helps increase your energy levels.

Also, more metabolism means that it’s easier to lose weight.

Enhances Brain Function

Most of us can’t start their day without having at least one cup of coffee. But some studies proved that caffeine doesn’t only affect your brain right after you’ve consumed it.

These interesting studies have found links between caffeine and the overall brain function. They stated that coffee boosts your memory, and might even increase your IQ levels.

However, in order to get the best out of Kona coffee, you should maintain a healthy diet alongside it.

Lowers the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Because caffeine has an effect on brain function, some researches found that it may reduce or delay Alzheimer’s disease.

Another disease that it might help prevent is Parkinson’s. That’s another point for Kona coffee!

Good for Your Skin

Many women use coffee as the main ingredient in facial or body scrubs. That’s due to its exfoliating natural effects.

In addition to this, drinking Kona coffee should grant you a healthy, bright skin.

Kona Coffee Health Risks

No profound health risks have been associated with coffee drinking. But you’d better be careful of the following potential risks.

Risk of Heart Disease

A study has found that drinking more than six cups of coffee a day might increase the odds of getting a heart disease.

The key here is moderation. As long as you stick to your 2-3 cups per day, you’re safe.

Raised Blood Pressure

It’s a fact that coffee increases blood pressure. It’s fine if you’re used to drinking coffee every day.

But if a person already suffers from high blood pressure, then drinking Kona coffee might not be the best idea.

Might Cause Indigestion

Caffeine has been linked with indigestion and heartburn. In order to prevent this from happening, don’t drink more than 2 cups per day.

Also, it’s best that you don’t consume coffee on an empty stomach.

FAQ About Kona Coffee

Why is Kona Coffee Expensive?

Kona coffee costs more than other coffee beans because its supply is limited.

As previously mentioned, the Kona district is small. That’s why it only produces 1% of the world’s coffee supply.

Another obvious reason for this coffee’s relatively high cost is that it’s grown on an island. This means more shipping fees.

Also, Kona beans are cultivated by hand from beginning to end. Manual labor also extends to the entire production process of coffee. So, the lack of machinery is another reason Kona coffee is expensive.

How Does Roasting Affect Caffeine?

The roasting process gets rid of more caffeine the longer it takes. For instance, a light-roast has more caffeine than a medium-roast.

Therefore, the darkest, strongest roasts have the least caffeine.

What Are the Best Brewing Methods for Kona Coffee?

Kona coffee shines best in two brewing methods: drip brewing and the French press.

Drip brewing, whether manual or by machine, should highlight this coffee’s natural flavors. To come with the best results, you might want to use light-roast coffee with this method.

The French press should bring out the coffee’s sweetness. It should enhance the chocolate and brown sugar hints in Kona coffee. However, it’s best that you use medium-dark roast coffee with this method.

If you use a light-roast, the outcome might taste mild.

Our Top 8 Best Kona Coffee Brands

Now we get to the fun part. We’ve taken the liberty to highlight a few brands you might be interested in trying.

1. Royal Kona Coffee

Our first choice is this wonderful Kona coffee brand. This medium-roast coffee has been cultivated with immense care in a private farm. In addition to that, Royal Coffee has been around since 1969. This means you can rely on their products without hesitation.

You can choose to buy ground coffee, or whole-bean if you prefer to grind your own beans at home.

Another great thing about this product is that it’s 100% Kona beans. This is something to admire, as some brands blend Kona beans with Brazilian or Colombian beans.

Sometimes, coffee brands scam consumers by blending 10% Kona beans with lower-grade beans. You might be surprised to know that some Kona brands don’t even include authentic Kona beans in their blends. But fear nothing with Royal Kona Coffee.

We also admired the nice, small packaging for this brand. It’s only 7 ounces. This should allow you to try this amazing coffee without having to buy large amounts of it.

This product promises a clean, fresh taste in each cup you make. This is due to the high elevations that the coffee is planted. As a general rule, the higher you go, the more exquisite a taste you’ll get.

So if you’re willing to spend a little extra money to experience world-class coffee, you’d better try this one.


  • 100% pure Kona coffee
  • Carefully harvested
  • Single state coffee
  • Expertly roasted
  • Fresh, authentic flavor
  • Aromatic and smooth
  • Good packaging size
  • Available as ground or whole bean


  • Not organic
  • Price might be expensive

2. CREMA de KONA Coffee Beans

When buying from this company, you can choose between medium-roast or medium-dark roast beans. In addition to that, they offer a custom roast if your preferences lie elsewhere.

Another plus to this product is that it’s single-estate grown. This adds more points to its authenticity and overall value.

After you’ve tried the first cup, you’re likely to be swept away by its freshness and richness. Handpicked and roasted, it might be the Kona coffee brand you’ve been waiting to try.

We’ve also noticed that many reviewers praised this product for how fast it’s shipped. They’ve also claimed that the coffee was delightfully fresh when they opened the package.

Others loved its wonderful taste, which was never overpowering even when the coffee was strong. Let’s not forget the awesome aroma, which always accompanies great taste.


  • 100% Kona beans
  • Fresh taste and authentic flavor
  • Custom roast available
  • Fast shipping
  • Handpicked
  • Roasted to perfection
  • Cultivated in a single estate


  • Not organic
  • Might be a pricey choice

3. Imagine Kona Coffee Beans

Another product that had our attention is this coffee by Imagine. Aside from being 100% Kona beans, it’s picked by hand and sun-dried.

Because this coffee was grown in a single estate under Macadamia nut trees, you’re likely to experience a unique, rich taste.

You won’t have to worry that it might be a blend, because it has been graded Extra Fancy. Only the best of coffee products are given that grade. Another reason why it’s Extra Fancy is that it has the right size, no defects, and the desired moisture weight.

Also, the process of air roasting adds an extra point to these beans. Being a complex method, it’s only used with less than 1% of coffee worldwide. But that’s not the case here. Air roasting keeps the coffee beans from being burned or charred.

In addition, the Imagine coffee beans were the 2018 AVPA Paris Gold Award winner.

No wonder this brand is popular amongst coffee lovers!


  • 100% Kona beans
  • Hand-picked
  • Sun-dried
  • Air roasted
  • Cultivated in a single estate
  • Grown under the elevation of 2200 feet
  • Graded Extra Fancy
  • Rich and smooth
  • Great for drip coffee machines, French press makers, and cold brew machines
  • 2018 AVPA Paris Gold Award Winner


  • Only available as whole beans
  • You need to have a grinder
  • Price might be high for some people
  • Some people have claimed it has extra bitterness

4. Kona Gold Coffee Whole Beans

Another exceptional, award-winning choice, is the Kona Gold Coffee brand. Wondering what awards exactly? We’ll fill you in on all the details.

First, this company won first place in the Kona Crown Competition Division in 2016. They were also proud to be the 2018 AVPA Paris Silver Award winners.

Additionally, they’ve been graded as Extra Fancy by the Hawaiian Agricultural Society.

Want to know what’s all this fuss about? Let’s explore the features of this Kona Gold Coffee product furthermore.

First, these beans are 100% Kona beans, cultivated under the perfect Hawaiian weather. Also, they have earned their Extra Fancy grade by lacking defects and having the best shape and size.

Let’s not forget other factors that made Kona Gold Coffee unique. These beans are picked by hand, air-roasted, and sun-dried. Another plus to their production is that they’re wet-processed.

Wet processing is a method that uses water to classify ripe and unripe coffee cherries. It also includes washing the cherries and sorting out their pulp.

It can be done with the assistance of a machine, or manually.

Delightfully, these medium/dark roast beans would make an amazing cup of coffee. When you try it, you should taste fruity notes with a hint of molasses and brown sugar.

It might be a nice idea to give this coffee a shot.


  • 100% authentic Kona coffee
  • Smooth taste and earthy aroma
  • Air-roasted
  • Sun-dried
  • Wet method processed
  • Winner of many awards
  • Extra Fancy coffee beans
  • Blemish-free
  • Moderate price


  • You need to own a grinder since these are whole beans
  • No mention of being grown organically

5. Hualalai Estate Kona Coffee

Our fifth 100% Kona coffee choice is this outstanding medium/dark roast. It’s available as whole-beans, which allows you extra freshness every time you brew it.

Being grown in the rich Hawaiian soil, you wouldn’t have to worry about its origin. As a result, many reviewers swear by its taste and aroma, claiming it as their favorite.

The manufacturers proudly announce that they take many factors into consideration before roasting their beans. To clarify, they pick beans with the same size and roast them together.

This technique prevents the coffee beans from getting burnt. If you roast beans with different sizes together, the heat will affect the smaller ones faster.

Another plus to this company is that they use no pesticides at all. They simply take pride in their organic methods when growing coffee beans.


  • 100% Kona coffee
  • Medium/dark roast
  • Roasted at the right temperature to bring out the best taste
  • 100% pesticide-free
  • Single-estate origin
  • Heavenly aroma
  • Smooth taste with fruity notes
  • Price is affordable


  • Might taste too strong for some
  • You need to own a grinder

6. Helios Coffee

Here’s another 100% Kona coffee product you might like. Helios Coffee whole beans have earned the Extra Fancy grade. That’s the grade many coffee lovers look for before buying their Hawaiian coffee.

This medium-roast could easily be your next favorite Kona coffee. Like all the best Hawaiian coffee beans, it’s picked, roasted, and packaged by hand.

Also, the manufacturers offer you freshness by presenting these coffee beans in a degassing valve bag. That’s how your beans should remain aromatic and flavorful every time you open the bag to make yourself a cup.

Grown in the fertile, volcanic soil, this coffee should make you experience a smooth, delicate taste. You wouldn’t have to worry about bitterness or overpowering acidity.

After grinding, you can use it in a drip brewer, French press machine, or even a cold-brew machine. You should find the taste unique and delicious in each case.


  • Not a blend, 100% Kona beans
  • Earned the Extra Fancy grade
  • Manually grown, harvested, and processed
  • Available in premium resealable bags
  • Smooth taste with low acidity
  • Powerful aroma
  • Can be used in different brewing machines


  • You need a grinder
  • The taste might be mild for some people
  • Price might be a bit high

7. Kona Joe Coffee Mocha Blend

Now, you might want to try something different. If you’re okay with blends and would like an additional taste, this is our first recommendation.

No one could dislike the flavor of a good Mocha, even a person who obsesses over stronger coffee. Besides Mocha, this company offers you other flavors. Flavors include Macadamia Nut, Tahitian Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut, Creme Brulee, and Hazelnut.

As we’ve mentioned before, Kona coffee beans have a natural sweetness to it. Making a Mocha blend out of it should complement the sweet flavor even further. The results could be delightfully satisfying after you try the first cup.

What makes the people who run this company proud is their coffee-growing techniques. Using methods like the best winemakers; they grow their coffee on a trellis. This increases the coffee’s sweetness and adds an air of superiority to its taste.

Another factor that shaped their coffee-making is the great deal of technology they use. It ensures that everything is up to standards. For instance, they run tests to determine the optimum time to harvest their coffee beans.

Also, they make sure their coffee cherries are the right pH level and sugar concentration. In addition to that, they promise freshness by providing coffee in a resealable zip-lock bag.

There’s another thing that makes this company unique. Besides this blend, they have other worthwhile products. For example, they make coffee as a spice you can use to add an extra flavor to your cooking.

They also make chocolate-covered coffee beans for all chocolate lovers out there.

There’s obviously nothing Kona Joe Coffee can’t do!


  • Award-winning company
  • Many flavors to choose from
  • First to use trellis technique to grow coffee
  • Test-perfected coffee making
  • Distinct taste and aroma
  • Organic growing methods
  • Good deal on the price


  • Strong coffee lovers might not like it

8. Good As Gold Kona Pods

Looking for another blend that works better with a limited budget? This blend might fulfill your Kona coffee cravings without hurting your wallet.

These medium-roast coffee pods are 61 mm and 10 grams, to ensure that you get a bolder taste out of your coffee. Also, the material of these pods is eco-friendly, which is another plus.

In addition, this company blends Kona beans with only the best arabica beans. All these fine beans bring out the desired richness and welcome flavor.

Good As Gold company also takes great care in growing and harvesting Kona beans. They claim it’s air-roasted to ensure there’s no burning.


  • Awesome choice for a low budget
  • Impressive amount of coffee per pod (10 grams)
  • Sustainable pod material
  • Pod foil should keep the coffee fresh
  • Blended with the best arabica beans
  • Rich in flavor
  • Air-roasted techniques
  • Budget-friendly


  • You must own a coffee pod brewer
  • People who like authentic Kona coffee might not like it
  • Might taste mild or watery for some people

To Conclude

It’s been a nice, coffee-filled trip of an article! With all these amazing Kona coffee brands, you might be a little lost right now. But have no worries, we’re here to suggest what could be the best Kona coffee.

Our obvious winner is Kona Gold Coffee.

If you compare it to the other products, you’ll find it’s a winner of many awards.

Also, it’s Extra Fancy, which means it has almost no defects. This also should guarantee that the coffee beans have the right size and moisture ratio.

What we like as well, is the great aroma and taste you’re likely to have from this coffee. With touches of molasses and brown sugar, you should experience the sweetness that Kona coffee is known for.

Don’t forget how the manufacturers take extra care when it comes to growing these beans. They use air-roasting, sun-drying, and wet processing methods to bring out the best flavors.

As fellow coffee lovers, we recommend these beans. Hopefully, you’ll come to like them, too.

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