Best Siphon Coffee Maker

5 Best Siphon Coffee Maker

Coffee fiends like myself are always on the lookout for new brewing systems, and while vacuum coffee makers, also known as siphon coffee makers, have been around for a very long time, not everyone seems to be aware of their existence, including myself, once upon a time.

If you’ve just found out about siphon coffee makers and you’ve stumbled upon this article to find out how these odd-looking devices can elevate your experience with coffee, then you’re in good hands. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we go over the best siphon coffee makers today.

What Are Siphon Coffee Makers?

Siphon coffee makers brew coffee with the aid of two chambers. The bottom chamber contains the water, while the top chamber holds the coffee grounds. As the water is heated, the pressure that’s resulted from the formation of vapor forces the water to rise up and mix with the grounds.

This type of coffee maker was invented in the 1830s by Loeff of Berlin. Since then, this category of coffee makers has been used for the succeeding century in various parts of the world. As you can see, siphon coffee makers aren’t new at all, they’ve been around for many years.

The composition of this type of coffee maker varies from one model to the other. The chambers are usually made of metal, plastic, or borosilicate glass. Further, this type of coffee maker
tends to have a filter, which can be a glass rod or a screen made of paper, metal, cloth, or nylon.

What Sets Siphon Coffee Makers Apart?

Now that you have a good idea of what siphon coffee makers are and how they work, it’s time to acknowledge some of the attributes that help set this type of coffee maker apart from the rest.

Total Immersion

The process through which siphon coffee makers brew coffee is called total immersion. This is a method that’s pretty much the same as steeping but provides a clearer brew with a lighter flavor. During this process, the water and the coffee grounds are kept in contact with each other.

It may look like it, but water isn’t really being boiled in a vacuum coffee maker. We all know that boiling water can take away from the flavor of the coffee beans. With a siphon coffee maker, the water is heated using a constant heat source to a few degrees below the boiling temperature.

Are you wondering whether this process is better than the drip method or not? Well, we wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s not better because that may lead you to think that it’s not worthwhile, so we’ll just say that, when it comes to extracting flavor from the grounds, the drip method wins.

However, the vacuum created in the lower chamber after your coffee grounds have soaked for a considerable amount of time draws the liquid back down, allowing it to pass through the grounds once again, which helps extract the solubles that might be clinging to your coffee grounds.

Consistent Heat

One of the attributes that help set siphon coffee makers apart from other types of brewers is that the heat is produced consistently with the aid of a constant heat source. This means that you no longer have to pour preheated water over your coffee grounds like some other brewer types.

How does having consistent heat improve the brewing of your coffee? Well, if the heat produced by your brewer is inconsistent, the taste of your coffee will vary each time you use it. When heat is consistent, you don’t have to worry about the taste of your coffee being altered.

Powerful Aroma

Siphon brewers are some of the best types of brewers when it comes to producing that pungent smell of coffee that we all love. The smell gets trapped inside the globe mechanism, allowing for a clean and vibrant flavor and a powerful aroma that helps us, coffee fiends, start our day right.

Optimal Control

Using a siphon coffee maker, you can easily control the strength of your coffee by increasing or decreasing the quantity of coffee grounds that you add. In addition, you have the ability to brew more than just one cup of coffee at a time, depending on the size of the coffee maker itself.

Another thing that a lot of siphon coffee makers offer their users is temperature control, which is one of the primary reasons why many users of siphon coffee makers deem these devices as the best when it comes to brewing coffee. Simply put, there’s no guesswork with siphon brewers.

Fetching Design

In the introduction of this article, we’ve mentioned that siphon coffee makers look pretty odd, but what we failed to mention is that they look oddly awesome. These devices are just winsome and pleasant to look at. You’ll be getting a ton of cool comments from guests that lay their eyes on it.
How to Select a Siphon Coffee Maker?
When shopping for a siphon coffee maker, there are a number of factors that you must take into consideration if you wish to get the most value for your money. These factors are listed below.

Brewer Type

Siphon coffee brewers come in two types: standalone and stovetop. The difference between the two is merely their heat source. You want to pay attention to which type you select because your choice of the siphon brewer type will influence your choice of the burner type.

Stovetop siphon coffee makers require a dedicated heat source such as a gas line or an electric stove. If you opt for a stovetop siphon coffee maker, you want to make sure you use a diffuser to moderate heat exposure so that you don’t end up inflicting damage on your gas line.

Standalone brewers are different from the aforementioned type in the sense that they employ an external heat source, rather than a dedicated one. An external heat source can be a butane or a gas burner. This type of siphon coffee maker tends to be portable and suitable for the outdoors.

Build Quality

After deciding on the type of siphon brewer that you want, you want to inspect the material from which the unit is built. Older models tend to be made of stainless steel or brass, and while these are some pretty sturdy materials, they’re no match for materials used to make modern units.

Nowadays, most vacuum coffee makers are made of borosilicate glass, which is a type of glass that’s famous for its remarkable durability and high heat resistance. However, borosilicate glass isn’t unbreakable, so you need to be extra careful with your device as it won’t survive a fall.

Filter Type

The quality of the filter determines a few things, from the taste of your coffee to ease of cleaning and maintenance. Most siphon coffee makers on the market today feature reusable coffee filters that are usually made out of cloth. However, this type of filter can be extremely hard to clean.

Modern siphon coffee makers employ stainless steel filters, which are much easier to clean than cloth filters. With a stainless steel filter, you don’t have to worry about the coffee grounds getting caught in the filter. Metal mesh filters are another type of filter that you should look for.

Burner Type

Once you’ve selected the type of siphon coffee maker of your preference, you want to take into consideration the type of burner that would be appropriate for the unit that you’ve chosen, from butane, gas, and alcohol burners to electric and halogen burners.

Older vacuum coffee brewers tend to be compatible with the butane, gas, and alcohol burners, while more modern models are compatible with the latter two types of burners. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that models that are compatible with halogen and electric burners are pretty costly.

While their highly affordable prices are extremely tempting, we wouldn’t recommend investing in alcohol burners. The reason why is that they don’t offer you much temperature control. Also, this type of burner tends to leave soot beneath brewing units, which can be hard to remove.

If you don’t have the type of budget that would allow you to get an electric or halogen burner, we recommend opting for a butane or gas burner. Butane and gas burners are pretty affordable and they offer an excellent deal of practicality and durability.


Siphon coffee makers aren’t different from other brewing systems as far as size batches. Siphon brewers can usually offer 3-8 cups of joe per brew. Your decision should be made based on how caffeinated you’d like your coffee to be and how many people you’re serving.

Hario Glass NEXT Syphon Coffee Maker

Hario Glass NEXT is one of the most popular siphon coffee makers on the market for a number of reasons. The unit features an ergonomically-designed handle that offers the user a great grip. The handle is covered with a smooth rubber that provides a great deal of traction and comfort.

The upper and lower chambers are made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which we know by now it boasts remarkable durability. The design of the lid is also quite impressive, which doesn’t come as a surprise since Hario is a company that’s well-known for its perfect lids.

The bottom chamber has volumetric markings on it that indicate the levels between 400 and 600 for your convenience. With Hario Glass NEXT Syphon Coffee Maker, you get to pick between a stainless steel or cloth filter. All in all, this is an effective brewer that’s highly affordable.


  • You get to choose the type of filter you want
  • Constructed from quality borosilicate glass
  • It comes with a stirrer and measuring cups
  • It’s available at a highly affordable price tag


  • We’re not really fond of the alcohol burner
  • The metal filter is curiously hard to clean

KitchenAid KCM08120B Siphon Coffee Brewer

KitchenAid KCM08120B is an automated, full-immersion siphon brewing system that provides a remarkable taste with the aid of precise temperature and vacuum technology. Made from quality glass and featuring accents of stainless steel, this device delivers on durability and aesthetics

This unit has a brewing capacity of 8 cups per brew, meaning that you won’t have to start a new brew cycle every 15 minutes or so. The awesome thing about this unit is that it comes with both a reusable stainless steel filter as well as a cloth filter, offering a great deal of flexibility.

Moreover, the KCM08120B from KitchenAid features a magnetic locking seal that helps fasten the brewer together in a secure fashion so that you don’t have to worry about getting damaged. We also love the 360-degree removable base and the dual-purpose lid.

It’s also worth noting that the KMC08120B is equipped with a brew unit stand that helps hold the brew unit securely until the brewing process is concluded. This vacuum brewer from KitchenAid is backed by a 1-year, hassle-free replacement warranty for your convenience.


  • Accompanied by a stainless steel and cloth filter
  • Highly durable construction with metallic accents
  • Boasts a magnetic locking seal for ideal security
  • The unit doesn’t require open flames or burners


  • Not the most affordable vacuum brewer out there
  • Many users report that this unit is difficult to clean

Diguo Belgian Luxury Royal Siphon Coffee Maker

When it comes to visual appeal, the Diguo Belgian Luxury Siphon Coffee Maker is certainly one of the best. This is a vacuum brewer that remains true to how older vacuum brewers looked like while still boasting the features that are present in today’s modern designs.

In terms of build quality, this brewer is built from highly durable materials. The bottom chamber is made from stainless steel, which doesn’t only grant it great durability, but makes it very easy to clean. In fact, the entire unit is pretty easy to clean from top to bottom.

This siphon coffee maker also features a wooden board that helps keep the glass chamber and burner intact, which reduces the chances of the glass chamber getting damaged. Moreover, this brewer comes with a measuring spoon and a free glass cup for your convenience.

Diguo Belgian Luxury Royal Siphon Coffee Maker is one of the easiest brewers to operate and maintain, which is an attribute that you’ll rarely present in brewers that are considered luxurious. Overall, we’d highly recommend this product for people looking for great aesthetics and flavor.


  • Arguably the best-looking siphon brewers on this list
  • Comes with all the features found in modern models
  • Comes with a measuring spoon and a free glass cup
  • The construction of this brewer is remarkably sturdy


  • One of the most expensive siphon brewers on this list
  • Cannot produce any more than 3-5 (17oz) cups/brew

Yama Glass 8 Cup Stovetop Coffee Siphon

If you’re looking for a practical and highly affordable siphon coffee maker that produces some of the richest tasting coffee, Yama Glass 8-Cup Stovetop Coffee Siphon is the right brewer for you. The unit is available in two different size variations that you can pick from: 20oz and 30oz.

Thanks to its minimalist design, this stovetop siphon coffee maker is super easy to use. It’s also a great instrument to have in your kitchen if you’re going for modern home decor. The one thing that this unit falls short on is durability, as the chambers are made entirely out of fragile glass.

This siphon coffee maker from Yama is dishwasher safe, which makes the cleaning process an extremely easy one. It’s also worth noting that it’s microwave safe as well. When using this unit, you need to make sure you don’t fill the bottom chamber to the brim to prevent it from spilling


  • One of the most affordable brewers on this list
  • Available in two size variations for convenience
  • Extremely easy to clean as its dishwasher safe
  • The lid doubles as a siphon stand after brewing


  • This unit falls short when it comes to durability
  • Water can boil over and spill out of the chamber

Bodum Pebo 8 Cup Vacuum Coffee Maker

Bodum Pebo Vacuum Coffee Maker is a basic vacuum brewer that can offer you 8 cups of fresh coffee per brew. It’s one of the most affordable vacuum coffee makers on the market. Everything about this unit is straightforward, from its design to its mechanism, making it super easy to use.

If you’re new to vacuum coffee brewing, this device from Bodum Pebo is an ideal choice for you. Even the brewing time and temperature are pretty standard, so you don’t need to have any sort of experience in order to know how to operate it. However, this unit suffers from a few things.

The first reason why we’re not over the moon with this brewer is the exposed burner underneath it. Open flames aren’t very convenient for us and for a lot of people. Moreover, the lid isn’t sturdy at all, so you may want to be extra careful while using this device.


  • Can offer you up to 8 cups of joe per brew
  • More consistent in its brewing than other units
  • Extremely easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • The minimal design is aesthetically pleasing


  • The handle and the lid aren’t all that durable
  • Some people may not like the exposed burner

Final Words

Hopefully, the information provided in this article has given you the insight you need to purchase a quality siphon coffee maker. Let us know which one of the above-mentioned brewers you think is the best for you and don’t forget to let us know why.

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